LIFT co-founder Gidon Novick on the fascinating story of Comair

12 min

In this episode of Daily Investor’s Smart Money, Gidon Novick talks with Alishia Seckam about why he believes Comair was forced to close down.

Gidon Novick is one of South Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs and has had a role in the success of many of the country’s top brands.

His focus is on building large-scale, innovative, and high-impact businesses based in South Africa.

Most recently, Novick co-founded the launch of the LIFT airline. He previously worked at Comair Group for 13 years and has served as the CEO of Discovery Vitality, too.

Novick also manages three investment funds under Lucid Ventures, and is the Chairman of SA Harvest – a group that focuses on food security in South Africa.

In this episode of Smart Money, Gidon Novick discusses what attracted him to the aviation sector. He talks about the founding of, as well as why he believes it was initially so successful.