Webafrica CEO Sean Nourse on the acquisition of Mweb

11 min

In this Smart Money with Alishia Seckam interview, Sean Nourse – Webafrica CEO – discusses the decision to acquire Mweb.

Nourse is a seasoned IT veteran with decades of experience in the South African Internet industry.

In this interview, Nourse talks about Webafrica’s decision to acquire Mweb and explains how this aligns with the company’s broader goals.

He unpacks how his previous role as Mweb CEO is helping to make the integration process smoother and how Webafrica will benefit from the acquisition.

In the acquisition, Webafrica decided to retain the Mweb name and keep it running as an independent entity.

Nourse unpacks the reasons for this dual-brand strategy, and explains how Mweb will be used to enhance Webafrica’s service offering.

Lastly, Nourse discusses Webafrica’s vision for the future and explains how it plans to remain competitive in the South African ISP landscape.