New releases

17 Mar 2023

Gidon Novick discusses why Comair was shut down

Gidon Novick discusses what attracted him to the aviation sector. He talks about the founding of, as well as why he believes it was initially so successful.

12 min

15 Mar 2023

Vodacom Group CEO Shameel Joosub discusses the company’s excellent growth

Shameel Joosub reveals how Vodacom has managed to outperform its competitors.

13 min

6 Mar 2023

Discovery CEO Adrian Gore discusses the company’s incredible growth and success

Gore meets with Alishia Seckam to discuss his journey as founder and CEO of Discovery.

14 min

1 Mar 2023

AlexForbes CEO Dawie de Villiers talks about their new strategy

De Villers unpacks the progress made with AlexForbes’ new strategy and whether it is working as planned.

12 min

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