New releases

28 Feb 2024

Sanlam Private Wealth CIO David Lerche on the 2024 South African investment landscape

David Lerche explains how he sees the South African economic landscape developing in 2024.

13 min

26 Feb 2024

Momentum CEO Jeanette Marais on how South Africa can turn its economy around

Jeanette Marais explains how she ended up working with former Momentum CEO Hillie Meyer.

18 min

22 Feb 2024

Vodacom Financial Services CEO Mariam Cassim on the success of VodaPay

Mariam Cassim explains why a technology company like Vodacom decided to enter the financial services industry.

16 min

21 Feb 2024

Anchor Capital CEO Peter Armitage on building a R230 billion investment empire

Peter Armitage talks about his career in global financial markets and explains how he progressed to where he is now.

13 min

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